Letter: Disgusted by hike in charges

Woolshops shopping centre car park
Woolshops shopping centre car park

Didn’t the council do this some time ago and were greeted with uproar?

I was most upset today at 11pm to find that the parking rules for the Woolshops car park had changed and we now have to pay to park after 7pm. There are about a dozen of us who have been coming to a local club on Monday evenings from 7pm-11pm and it has been free for about the past two years (the barriers have always been up after 6pm or thereabouts).

On the signage there is nowhere where it says these charges now apply 24 hours, otherwise we would have parked elsewhere.

Also I was shocked to find that in this day and age it was cash only, so one of our number was faced with trailing round looking for a cash point or borrowing some. After a few minutes’ discussion they then found the price had skyrocketed to a whopping £10!

We did complain to the guys in the “customer service” counter but they explained this was the first day of the 24/7 rule and they had no powers whatsoever to be flexible.

We feel tricked and ripped-off. As anyone would if something changed - by stealth - and you suddenly paid £10 to park for four hours when the car park was virtually empty.

Even Leeds town centre has preferential out-of-hours rates which are cheaper than this!

Well done to the Woolshops for alienating customers and helping to drive them out of the town centre.

Utterly disgusted.