Letter: Dismay over ‘jewel in our crown’

Shibden Hall, Halifax.
Shibden Hall, Halifax.

I WAS left with a feeling of dismay and embarrassment after taking visitors from the Midlands to see Shibden Hall.

Although we were unable to gain access to the building, we had the dubious pleasure of wandering around the gardens of this historic edifice.

Dubious? Indeed! Whatever has happened to the routine maintenance once provided by Calderdale Council? Weed choked lawns - a splendid crop of dandelions - knee length grass and a sorry looking ornamental garden are not what I expected to see at this supposed jewel in our tourism crown.

Shibden Hall is shortly to be the centrepiece of a new TV drama about the life of a former owner, Anne Lister. Viewers will marvel at the beautiful half timbered mansion but will be less impressed by the rampant undergrowth, unless, of course, that is intended as part of the period look.