Letter: Elland Bridge work has been astounding

Elland Bridge
Elland Bridge

I would just like to say a big thank you to all the Canals and Rivers Trust engineers and labourers who have restored Elland Bridge to its former glory.

Our whole community was badly affected by the Boxing Day flood of 2015, and although not flooded ourselves we were involved in the aftermath and saw first hand how it affected people on a basic human level.

The year without the bridge was very inconvenient personally but we walked with our dog to see the progress almost daily.

The amount of work and preparation which has gone into the rebuild is absolutely astounding, and it’s sad that some people have made negative comments about the extra time it has taken.

The bridge had to be made safe, as the foundations being washed away were the main cause if its collapse.

What we have now is a robust structure, sensitively restored.

We now realise how cut off we were and feel gratitude every time we drive or walk over it.

The towpath is now cobbled, and nearly ready for opening. Can’t wait!

Sandra Lupson, Plains Lane, Elland