Letter: Everyone needs to support market

Halifax Borough Market
Halifax Borough Market

So we now have yet another group of consultants brought in, a local company I very much doubt it.

We will end up with yet another glossy copy and paste report with little hope of our wonderful market surviving. Any closure or large scale works within the market will drastically reduce footfall and inevitably hasten the demise of the remaining stall holders.

Works need to be completed with the minimum of disruption. Out of hours would be the preferred option but this probably will not happen. Halifax has a beautiful Victorian market and it needs everyone to support it into the future.

The houses in the street in the sky could perhaps be used as council offices as they have little enough space in the newly refurbished Princess Buildings. Whilst getting the market building ready for the 21st century we should not forget the past.

Our building heritage is the envy of many towns and cities so lets make sure it remains so.