Letter: Flood plan is useful but has a lack of urgency

Mytholmroyd centre under water after the River Calder burst its banks.
Mytholmroyd centre under water after the River Calder burst its banks.

The flood plan contains numerous useful recommendations. However, it completely lacks any numerical data and fails to distinguish between coping with river or flash flooding.

Also, there is a lack of urgency. Some actions could have been taken during the summer. A similar amount of rain to last year would have produced the same result. Fortunately, a dry autumn has resulted in the land being relatively dry.

Yorkshire Water are a key player and could manage reservoir levels to contain exceptional rainfall. The resources are in place and action could have been taken quickly.

I did contact Yorkshire Water months ago but they were unenthusiastic, although it would protect their assets in the valley.

I think the strategy should be to contain flood water. However, in working out the detailed plan one needs to know how much water needs to be contained in a particular valley or area.

One needs to know what assets are being protected, the cost of defences and then a cost-benefit analysis. I get the impression that millions are being spent on walling in the river.

Walsden Water has been contained by building a wall. Then look what happened down the valley.

There is no mention of collecting water in urban areas for later use. For example, a school could have a large tank, collect rain water and use later in the toilets or on the garden.

I have three water tubs and direct rain water on my garage into my pond. This makes a small contribution to preventing flash floding.

However, if all businesses and households took similar action it would have a significant impact.

Barry Crossland, Elland Lane, Elland