Letter: Follow example of Obama

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After reading the small minded petty insults in the election campaign, it is refreshing to read President Obama’s comments on climate change and food (The Guardian May 27).

Unlike British politicians , or Donald Trump, he regarded climate change as a top priority.

He also has a good knowledge of the various impacts of climate change , floods in some places, droughts in others etc.

He could also point out the steps he took in his years in office, increasing the generation of clean energy, curtailing dirty energy, increasing energy efficiency across the board.

In the UK, the Conservative Government produced the Green Deal, which had as much impact as a damp squib.

On food, President Obama appreciates the necessity for people, especially children, to have good nutritious food. Michelle Obama used part of the White House grounds to grow food. In the UK, our Government appears tied to agribusiness and the food industry.

Finally, the President did point out “ You get the politicians you deserve.

And if you do not vote and you don’t participate, then you’ll get policies that don’t reflect your interests”.

I would encourage readers to spend some time reading the policies of the various parties and vote for the party that is closest to President Obama’s views.