Letter: Four months later and still no sign of bus stops

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The highways department undertook a project of upgrading and removing some of the street lights on Wakefield Road between Sowerby Bridge and Copley.

During this work many of the old street lights on the canal side of Wakefield Road were removed and the associated bus stops attached to them also disappeared.

Many children along this route use these stops to catch the buses to school but with the stops now missing they are having to walk along a very busy main road to find the next available stop.

I reported the issue back in January and was promised temporary stops within a matter of days but here we are in May with no temporary stops and no sign of a plan to put the permanent stops in place.

If they can’t even arrange for a simple job like temporary stops to be put in place in five months, then what hope do we have for the rest of the highways?

Conrad Bradley, by email