Letter: Grave issue now finally resolved

Stephen Booth at Brighouse Cemetery.
Stephen Booth at Brighouse Cemetery.

After a very upsetting week with the issues you reported on at Brighouse cemetery, I would like to say that after you printed my article, Calderdale Council acted and finally cleared the affected graves of muddy clay and cleaned the six headstones which were covered in dried clay.

They finally contacted me 24 hours after publication and met with me on site. We had a frank discussion and they have admitted that they were totally in the wrong and have made a full and unconditional apology. They have promised to plant some summer bulbs on my graves and ensure they are properly maintained in future. I now have a direct contact with the cemetery’s manager who has promised to address any future concerns personally.

I wish to put this in the past now, but I would like to whole-heartedly thank the Courier for their help in ensuring this issue was successfully resolved.

This just shows what happens when the media become involved.

Stephen Booth, Brighouse