Letter: Halt damaging cuts to services

Halifax Town Hall
Halifax Town Hall

As a mum of two disabled children I was shocked to see the council propose to make cuts to services like the Sendiss and disabled children’s team.

Also the cuts to D Catch funding are not acceptable. This funding allows my son and other disabled children to access mainstream schools. Many schools already top up children’s D Catch funding by taking money from their SEN budgets.

In a time where school resources are stretched and funding being cut drastically for local schools, tp put schools under more financial pressure makes no sense.

The council acknowledges that D Catch funding saves it money in the long run. This is a short-sighted solution that will have huge negative impacts on the most vulnerable children in our town. These children should be supported, not punished due to austerity policy.

I am disappointed that after contacting my local councillor and MP I have had no response. I would however like to thank Coun James Baker and Calderdale Lib Dems for addressing this issue in their budget amendment

I ask all councillors from all parties to support the amendment to stop the cut to this vital funding, or put this part of the proposals on hold so councillors can work together to look at other ways.

Please, I ask families and parents if you can join us outside Halifax Town Hall from 5pm-6pm on February 27 to join me and others to ask councillors to protect and reverse these short sighted and damaging cuts.

Catherine Horner, by email