Letter: Help to make our country clean again

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Firstly let me applaud the pupils who gave up their lunch break to clear litter from Skircoat Green. Well done.

I walk regularly from Pye Nest to King Cross and usually take a plastic carrier bag with me for the sole purpose of picking other people’s litter up; passing motorists looking on wondering what and why I do it (Keep Britain Tidy).

This Saturday I filled more because outside the church is a disgrace. It also needs the grass and weeds cutting back, but there is no bin there.

Maybe if it looked tidy people would think twice before littering.

Also I walked on Albert Promenade on Sunday and they have put eight, yes eight, new bins on there. Surely one or two of these could have been allocated for outside the church and beside the Fire Station as you walk down to Tesco.

Can you​, Calderdale Council,​ put some of the young, or old, offenders doing community sentence onto these jobs and make our country clean again?

And, finally, would motorists please take their rubbish home and not throw it out of the window, and teach your children to do the same.