Letter: Hospital faces parking issues

Calderdale Royal Hospital
Calderdale Royal Hospital

While I think that both hospitals should have an A & E facility - as they are both cover large areas - I am wondering where Calderdale Royal is going to find the room for an extra 300 beds and everything that that involves.

Does that mean that the council will confiscate the allotments - heaven forbid?

Does it mean that they somehow remove the silly round gardens that are seen from the wards that never seem to get any light and are a total waste of space?

Where is the extra parking going to be for all the extra patients and visitors that will occur? There is no room now and Savile Park has become one unsightly giant car park.

If these cars belong to Lloyds bank get Lloyds to build a car park for their staff instead of having buses to transport them from their car parking. If they are hospital staff, they should have a safe car park of their own now.

These might seem trivial matters but has anybody thought it through? Are these the same people who have the taxpayer coughing up for this hospital until 2047?

I’m not surprised they have to save money. Get a new deal from the builders/government about the payback for this hospital, or has all the money gone on the new offices in the Princess Building shambles?

I bet the overspend is breathtaking. Still, in 20 years time they will probably want to pull them down as they can’t afford to maintain them/want the land to sell!

B Darwin, by email