Letter: How much for abysmal service?

Bins waiting for collection
Bins waiting for collection

I have recently moved into the area, on August 17, and since that date have had only one household waste collection, on August 18/19. Since then, no household waste has been collected.

I saw a piece in your paper a few weeks ago noting there were problems with the contractor who has taken over the job of collecting rubbish in Calderdale, but I am not sure if you are aware of the extent of the problem in Todmorden.

I have called Calderdale Council on four separate occasions to complain and had a call back from a manager.

Each person I have spoken to has been extremely sympathetic, but they cannot tell me when my rubbish will be collected. They say they will inform the contractors and it will be collected.

The manager explained that the contractors have assured them they will catch up on the collections and I understand the contractors have now been informed that they will be fined for each collection missed.

However, I and my neighbour, and presumably many other residents of Todmorden, are left with piles of rubbish and no idea when it will be collected.

I would be interested to know how much the contractors are being paid for this abysmal service and how much they will be fined for missed collections, as I am sure many of my fellow council tax payers in Calderdale would be too.

Francine Warren, By email