Letter: I’m genuinely ashamed by litter disgrace

Litter problems
Litter problems

I often walk through Lowfields Business Estate in Elland during the week and have done so for the last two years.

Of late this has become a much less attractive prospect due to the disgraceful amounts of litter strewn everywhere.

Over the last couple of months it seems to have got worse and, from what I can see, it seems to be shift workers, lorry drivers and sales reps sitting in their cars, eating lunch and then just chucking the containers, bottles, bags, whatever out of the window.

I note that there is not a single dustbin to be seen in the entirety of the route I walk. Maybe this has some bearing on things, but I doubt the addition of some bins would solve the problem.

It’s shameful, and I am genuinely ashamed, because it’s men doing this: it’s being done by the kind of bloke who will read this letter and say “get over yourself, mate, what are you, a nature lover or summat?”.

Yes mate, I am.