Letter: I thought the council was short of cash?

Halifax Town Hall
Halifax Town Hall

Through the medium of your newspaper I would like to draw the residents of Calderdale attention to two jobs advertised on the Calderdale Council website.

Both are new posts with vague job descriptions:

Director of Public Services - salary £118,332. To provide “key front line universal services...a resident first approach”.

Assistant Director of Economy Housing and Investment - £85,321. Part of the job description reads “inclusive growth housing delivery”.

The total cost of these two posts to the council tax payer will be at least £240,000 when employer’s national insurance and pension contributions are added.

Forgive me but I thought our council was strapped for cash? This winter they could not afford to grit many side roads.

The council claims it does not have the resources to increase front line staff, who actually do something, for this sum of money it could recruit a further nine or more useful staff.

I would ask can’t this money be put to better use providing front line services and people to Calderdale residents - care workers, street cleaning and gritting?