Letter: Impressed by Halifax sites

Piece Hall, Halifax
Piece Hall, Halifax

A FRIEND and I went to the Piece Hall (one of the prospective tours venue) and I thought overall it was lovely. However too grey, Yorkshire stone is mellow, as the Piece Hall.

What nit-wit thought of grey? There are too many steps, steep slopes and no greenery to break the expanse of grey.

I still think a roof of some description over the arena would have been better as we have such foul weather and I for one will not go when it’s wet. I shall leave it to the hardier members of the community. I will go back at a later (fine) day and have another look to see if my opinion has changed.

The library was lovely and so nice to see the incorporation of the spire with its large round window. It was light and airy and very well executed—apart from all the steps. The staff were helpful and very pleasant a credit to the town.

A good venue for the Tour as your paper headlines ‘We’ve got Le Tour’. Congratulations on being one of the towns hosting the Tour of Yorkshire. I say tour of Yorkshire because it is the tour of Yorkshire not the Tour de France. It is Shibden Hill, not the Cote de Shibden. We are Yorkshire, not French let’s keep it that way. It sounds so silly mimicking the Tour de France. However it’s a well done Welcome to Yorkshire you do a really good job, thank you.