Letter:Inconsiderate drivers at drop off

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May I express my concern over the stupidity of parents dropping their children off at Trinity Academy.

I notice on a regular basis that parents dropping off their child do so illegally. They stop in the middle of the road (Shay Lane/Holdsworth Road) and the car doors open to let these children out (zebra crossing included).

Surely all it takes is a not too competent driver to overtake and injure if not kill the child getting out of the car, so why don’t Trinity Academy/council/traffic enforcement take action? Shay Lane/Holdsworth Road are a nightmare at the best of times but for these inconsiderate drivers risking their own and others families is not acceptable just to save a few minutes. From the Ivy House to Holdsworth House there are no loading/parking/stopping restrictions, so why are the authorities letting it happen? Are they waiting for an accident to happen before they act?

The solution to this problem is easy: 1) place a camera to take the registrations; 2) parents don’t risk their children, let them walk, drop them off a few hundred yards from Trinity.

Simple, exercise and safety.