Letter: Jack should make us all proud

Halifax Police BC''Mick Rowe (head coach) and Jack Sellars
Halifax Police BC''Mick Rowe (head coach) and Jack Sellars

Mark from Brackenbed Fisheries, Halifax

Earlier this month I switched on my TV to watch boxing on Sky TV. It was the Haye v Bellew fight.

To my surprise first on the undercard was Jack Sellars, a Halifax lad. Jack got into the fight and got knocked down with a punch that most men would not dream of getting up from. But he did and for the next six rounds gave as much as he took, even winning three or four rounds.

Jack showed an unbelievable amount of courage and ability, way above the course of duty.

I have met many pro boxing legends like Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard and respect them all but my respect is just as high for Jack.

We should all be proud of him because he is a Halifax lad. Finally, a special mention for the Halifax Boxing Club run by Mick Rowe and his team.

Jack is a product from this gym and hopefully many more will come from it so we can keep being proud!