Letter: Junction is an accident waiting to happen

The Volunteer Arms junction can be dangerous
The Volunteer Arms junction can be dangerous

In Copley Village, (nice and dry at the moment, thanks for asking), in order to travel anywhere one has to pass through the traffic lights at The Volunteer Arms. Consequently I spend a fair amount of time sat waiting at those lights, and I have noticed something which needs urgent attention.

Over the last year the incidence of motorists simply driving through on Wakefield Road when the lights for them are full red has increased dramatically. It used to be a rare event but now it has become a game of guessing just how many cars will drive through on red. This morning, the lights for me had just gone green when two (yes, two) cars shot across in front of me. This is no joke, it is only a matter of time before someone has a very nasty crash at this junction.

Thinking I was doing the responsible thing, I rang the council in summer and told them of my concerns. I thought your readers may enjoy the conversation.

Me: “I’m worried about drivers just driving through on red at the junction of Wakefield Road and Copley Lane, by The Volunteer Arms”.

Council: “Oh yes, are the lights not working, then?”.

Me: “Oh they’re working fine, people are just ignoring them and driving straight through along Wakefield Road”.

Council: “Well why would they do that?”.

Me: “Err, well the point is that they are doing, so I think maybe a traffic camera needs installing or something because if this carries on someone is going to get killed”.

Then there was a long pause followed by a suggestion that I ring another department because the person I was speaking to only deals with faulty lights. I rang off with the feeling that I had slipped into the realm of ‘busy bodies with nothing better to do’.

I hope this strikes a chord with at least some readers.

It is, literally, an accident waiting to happen and I don’t want it to be my wife, children, neighbours or friends.

I don’t want it to be anybody - I’m sure we all feel the same.

Mike Jennings, Lydbrook Park, Copley