Letter: Just when will roadworks be completed?

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I am sure, like many thousands of other Calderdale residents, there is a daily frustration of wanting to turn right to go down Shaw Hill, but not being able to.

The alternative is to crawl (and I mean crawl) on Huddersfield Road before eventually turning right just past the swimming baths. It does say quite clearly ‘programme completion – December 2016’. In which case it’s only four months behind schedule.

I cannot believe that not one person at the five organisations listed have not though it a good/polite idea to change the sign. To July 2017?

Not that it will directly benefit any road user, Calderdale resident or otherwise but is the subcontractor being penalised for the over run?

I think I can guess the answer.

There will probably be a long list of reasons or excuses for the delays. It hasn’t been a bad winter has it?

But I think the bottom line is that nobody really cares. Public sector. Not their money. So why bother?

Richard Mallinson, by email