Letter: Listen to the public on 20mph plans

20 mph zones in theCalder Valley
20 mph zones in theCalder Valley

I read Myra James’s email on 20mph speed limits with some surprise.

There were three options presented for 20 mph zones; residential areas which gained 48 per cent of the vote, outside schools only which got 36 per cent of the vote and in high casualty areas which took 16 per cent.

Therefore 52 per cent, and the democratic majority, voted for a less restrictive application on the 20 mph zones than in all residential areas.

Given we are a democracy I would have thought this alone would have given Scott Benton the evidence to stop the roll out and to revoke the action all ready taken.

As all politicians know from the Brexit vote, not gaining approval from the majority of the electorate has longer term consequences.

Liz Boardall, By email