Letter: Litter is an appalling mess

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How I agree with Mr Peter Rothwell regarding the litter among the wild flowers in the central reservation of King Cross Road.

It is an appalling mess, along unfortunately with many other areas in Halifax, which spoils the whole town.

The litter seems to have got worse too where the refuse collections take place. The refuse collectors have to move quickly to get their schedules fulfilled and sometimes refuse is left behind on the streets. This is not a criticism of the refuse collectors as they do a good and important job but speed seems to be of the essence.

I’m sure the schools do their bit too by asking the students to ‘take their litter home’.

As Mr Rothwell suggests, the council could use community service to remove this eyesore.

This would be a valuable and worthwhile contribution to the community and to the appearance of the town.

If we all tried to keep our litter off the streets it would be a lot more pleasant environment for all.