Letter: Local Plan is not fit for purpose

A number of meetings have been held concerning the Local Plan
A number of meetings have been held concerning the Local Plan

Having read key parts of Calderdale’s Local Plan, I think that it is fundamentally unsound and disastrous for future generations.

Both the Conservative Government and Labour want economic growth and talk about reducing carbon emissions. More growth means more travel, more stuff and more fossil fuel consumption.

In 1972 Limits to Growth was published and its predictions have been remarkably accurate. In 2016 a cross party parliamentary committee looked at Limits to Growth and included climate change. The committee concluded that we are heading for economic and social collapse around 2050. We are also close to “peak oil”.We are heading for the rocks and both Conservative and Labour are advocating “full steam ahead”.

There are always alternatives. The two main choices are between the present policy or a green policy. Present policy will result in more carbon emissions, a dramatically changed planet and crashing into a low carbon economy. The alternative is to move rapidly to a low carbon economy. Locally, we should be improving the energy consumption of our buildings, building low carbon homes, generating electricity, growing food and reducing travel. This will not be easy.

However, I think older people should be prepared to restrict their high carbon lifestyles for the benefit of our children and grandchildren. Personally, I do make an effort. I have a well insulated home, solar panels, grow fruit and vegetables and avoid buying stuff. My weakness is travelling too much and I would welcome government restrictions or taxation to curb this. There is no tax on aviation or ship fuel.

Building several thousand houses plus business premises will increase carbon emissions and enhance flooding. I could find no evidence in the plan that the housing will be low carbon or any action to mitigate the enhanced flooding risk.

The plan is not fit for purpose and should be shredded.