Letter: Maintain amazing architecture

Halifax Borough Market
Halifax Borough Market

Having just completed the ‘Detailed Feasibility Study’ by the IBI group – no doubt at great expense - I decided to put my views to the Courier.

Halifax Borough Market is a beautiful building, as is the rest of the Victorian architecture we have and deserves to be kept in complete constructional and working order.

I have noticed on my visits that there are quite a few empty stalls. Why is this? Is it because the rates/rents are too high and businesses are priced out or is it because the footfall doesn’t encourage businesses? Either way it’s a shame. These stalls are better occupied bringing something rather than nothing and will also enhance the appearance of the building.

A new multi-storey car park, well lit, reasonably priced should be constructed in the centre of the town (near the market). The car is a necessary evil these days but for better shopping a decent car park is needed.

Buses too can help. They could have a special shopping day/days with reduced return tickets which may entice people in.

I was sorry to read that the houses on the roof of the market have fallen into disrepair and I hope it won’t be the usual excuse for Calderdale Council to demolish them as historically happens. They could rebuild/refurbish these houses and open them to be viewed by the public at a small cost as they must be a novelty. A few could be made into small artisan shops, a good addition for the market.

An improvement to the toilet facilities would be nice and I hope that the facilities for the stall holders would be good too.

I want to say thank you to the stall holders as I have found them pleasant and helpful when I have called at their stalls. Well done to Under The Clock for offering paper bags which you can use instead of plastic.

Lastly, the council need to look at the amazing architecture Halifax has and make sure that is maintained to a high standard so any visitors will not see run–down Halifax but a Halifax proudly displayed.