Letter: Major parking problem on Halifax road


In reply to Peter Firth’s letter (Courier, February 9) about parking in Nursery Lane, I didn’t realise how bad this problem was until I had to endure this obstacle course myself.

Driving a large vehicle down Nursery Lane with the speed bumps is bad enough, but to see a very large car park at the rear of 3Ways only half-used beggars belief.

First of all speed humps are not necessary; second, car parks available; third, a derelict bungalow could be demolished to make another car park.

And what about the relatives and friends attending a funeral at St Malachy’s not being able to park in Nursery Lane due to the inconsiderate, lazy parkers not using off-road parking?

Last but not least, why oh why don’t our inept councillors think first and act later instead of acting first and thinking later?

Consult us and we’ll help you.