Letter: Museum brings happy memories

Calderdale Industrial Museum
Calderdale Industrial Museum

I was born in Halifax and like many other elderly people I have two pictures in my mind of Halifax: ‘the way it was’ and ‘the way it is now’.

However, my main reason for writing is to congratulate the chairman of the Calderdale Industrial Museum, his committee and all who for many years have given their time voluntarily to preserve the museum.

The re-opening on Saturday, September 9, was a wonderful day. Many hundreds of people visited. Those volunteers were devoted to the cause and it paid off!

Right has prevailed, but without their effort the story may well have been different; it was dedication and hard work and effort that should be acknowledged.

It is sad that many historical buildings have been lost in the past through (in my opinion) wrong decisions.

Manor Heath, the lost mansion, which was built by John Crossley (one of the sons of the carpet manufacturer), now lost for ever. It had a wonderful history.

The Industrial Museum may bring back many memories for us ‘oldies’, especially those who worked in those factories. I left school at 14 years old and worked at William Asquith. Those who are here, to tell the tale of how things used to be and how we used to live, can still be of use to talk to the younger generation.

Hopefully children from Calderdale schools will be able to visit.

Again, many thanks to all who made it happen. Your hard work has not been in vain.