Letter: Parking needs common sense

A warden tickets all the cars
A warden tickets all the cars

Our parking service vultures never cease to amaze me. Twice last week I saw them park up in a resident only zone (Z151) in Woodhall Crescent, Wakefield Road, Copley and then ticket non permit holders.

I agree that these vehicles should be ticketed but surely the vultures don’t have the right to park up in a permit zone where residents have to cough up £25 a year for a permit. There is ample room across the road to park, or are they immune from parking laws?

Also, in the same week, I witnessed a ticket being put on a vehicle in Holdsworth Road, a vehicle which had been shunted from behind and looked as if it could surely not be driven away. When I spoke to the vulture and explained this, and that maybe the driver could have been injured or worse, the response was brilliant: “I’ve phoned my supervisors and they said issue a ticket.”

So, 1) no common sense; 2) no compassion; 3) supervisors have no brain.