Letter: People need to come by car

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I was first made aware of a consultation which was to take place with residents regarding banning traffic on Albert Promenade.

Because I was so incensed with I wrote a long letter to the councillors who had delivered a newsletter to my home.

This was about six months ago.

I have never had an acknowledgement to my letter.

I would like to submit that this issue does not just concern the residents of Albert Promenade because many people from all over Halifax enjoy the benefits of visiting the Promenade to enjoy the views, perhaps take a short walk or sit on the seats provided and have a chat with others who appreciate the views.

People with poor mobility, through some disability or advancing years, need to be able to come by car and park there.

To deny people this facility would be detrimental to so many people’s lives.

Visitors to the town also come to the Promenade to have a picnic and enquire about Wainhouse Tower.

I was under the impression we were trying to welcome visitors to the town.

Residents of Albert Promenade please share your lovely views with us all.