Letter: Piece Hall delays are no suprise

Work on the Piece Hall has been subject to a number of delays
Work on the Piece Hall has been subject to a number of delays

Well 12 months delay and extra money and surprise, surprise! The Piece Hall bosses are tight-lipped over the overspend.

It still won’t be an all-weather venue either - no roof. Yes I know there are reasons for the delay. Probably the bodies found there were people waiting for the work to be finished. I jest of course.

How nice to shop down Westgate where there is a roof to shield you from the elements. Far nicer than getting cold, sodden and blown. Halifax was promised an Arndale centre (in Woolshops) in a previous lifetime but no business would come and people are now left to the mercy of the elements.

There is too the matter of the overspend and delays on the new council offices opposite the old and seemingly un-refurbishable offices next to the un-refurbishable library (the new library is also delayed.) I do hope these new offices have a longer life than the old. Surely there can be a clause fitted into the agreement whereby the work is finished on time or penalties will be levied. I shall be looking hard, as many citizens of Halifax will be, at their next rates bill and wonder how much more it is than last year and whether we are paying heavily for the incompetence of our council.

B Darwin, by email