Letter: Pool team are a great support

Halifax Swimming Pool
Halifax Swimming Pool

I recently reported on the volunteer spirit that exists in so many of the students at Ravenscliffe and celebrated the fact that five of our male sixth formers had volunteered to clear up a litter strewn Skircoat Green in their own breaktime.

This week I’d like to celebrate another random act of kindness: this time from the team of staff at Halifax Pool.

As a school, we have been taking our students to Halifax Pool for years. In an afternoon session we can focus on so many priorities in learning for our students: work to develop not only improved swimming skills, but work on showering, dressing, travel training and social behaviour skills.

We get consistently supportive attitudes from whole the staff team at Halifax Pool as well as many of their regular customers.

This week we experienced a significant difficulty at the pool which provided us with an on the spot challenge and caused the staff there some increased levels of disruption and aggravation.

Once again, as they have done year in, year out, the whole staff team rolled up their sleeves and worked to put a sensitive solution in place. They were supportive, encouraging, helpful and unconditional in their willingness to sort out the issue.

As a school we get persistent top level support and service from that team of staff at the pool. They make weekly swimming a sessions a real pleasure and opportunity to personally develop for our students. Nothing is ever too much to ask them.

They may work in a tired 60s style building that is in desperate need of replacing, but the spirit and attitude that the staff team persistently show, is totally worthy of a shout out.

Thank you everyone at Halifax Pool, not just for your support this week, but your consistent public service over many years.