Letter: Puzzled by school visit

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It was slightly alarming to read your report on primary school children campaigning against the Local Plan, following a visit to their school by the leader of the local Conservative councillors (Children Voice Their Concerns Over Local Plan, 29/09/17).

Your readers will be well aware this is a politically charged issue.

The Labour run council need to meet housing needs specified by these very councillors’ Conservative Central Government colleagues (a total of 17,000 houses by 2032).

Of course it’s reasonable for local children to have concerns.

However, I wonder how balanced a view the pupils arrived at, after their visit by Tory councillors.

Were they there to improve the understanding of these young children or give them one sided political spin and create a photo opportunity?

It’s reported the children were only asked to write about “concerns they had”.

A puzzling exercise, when these are the very people who could one day benefit from more house building.

The plan runs until 2032, by which time many of these primary school children will be in their mid-20s, probably looking to get on the housing ladder.

I hope the local Conservative councillors made this clear and aren’t simply enlisting primary school children to further any aims of political point scoring.

We’re still waiting, with interest, to see any alternative plan(s) from the local Conservatives. Where will they build the required 17,000 houses, I wonder?