Letter: Sceptical of proposals


Councillor Baker can talk the talk but can he walk the walk? I welcome ideas that make improvements but I am extremely sceptical about his proposals.

He should be aware of climate change, and economic growth is likely to make this major problem worse.

All the major political parties seem unable to grasp the idea of Limits to Growth. His suggestion of smart phones is expensive and old people cannot cope with the technology. I am sceptical about crowd funding when statistics reveal that most people are struggling financially.

Whilst on the council it would be interesting to know what Innovations Councillor Baker has introduced at home and for Calderdale MBC. Rather than talk I take action and doubt if Councillor Baker can match it.

I try to keep energy use down, having good home insulation and generating more electrical energy than I consume. I grow some of my own food cutting down on “food miles”. I compost all my organic waste, saving the council having to collect it. I try to shop locally and rarely shop outside Elland. I have three water tubs, saving on water bills and help flood prevention.

Finally, I totally disagree with the assertion that “our best days lie in the future” as most of the evidence is to the contrary. My greatest concern is that my grandchildren will graduate with a pile of debt and house prices out of reach when they want to establish their own home.

Fifty-three years ago, my wife and I were able to qualify as teachers and purchase a semi in a very pleasant Staffordshire village, something way beyond my grandchildren’s reach.