Letter: Sceptical on flood solutions

Mytholmroyd centre under water after the River Calder burst its banks.
Mytholmroyd centre under water after the River Calder burst its banks.

I read Holly Lynch’s article on flood management and I am sceptical of the effectiveness of her solutions. Obtaining rainfall data is extremely difficult but approximately two inches (50mm) fell onto saturated ground in 24 hours to cause the Boxing Day floods in 2015.

I have calculated that the volume of water falling on Calderdale to be 18 million cubic metres. The river system was overloaded and it seems logical that containing water is the most cost effective way of preventing flooding.

Yorkshire Water is the key player and I did write to them in 2016 and the response was that flood prevention is not in their remit.

Action could be taken in urban areas by building appropriate dams or tanks, and this would also reduce the risk of flash flooding. Water is a useful resource and does not need to be treated for many purposes. Large buildings, such as schools, could collect rain water and then use it in the toilets. Golf courses could collect water and use it to water the greens. Morrisons could use water from their roof in the car wash. I practise what I preach and have three water tubs and use the water in the garden, and the water from the garage roof goes into a pond.

With the huge volume of water to contain many systems would need to be built but they are easy to construct. However, building water containment systems will be far more effective than the present policy of building walls to contain the rivers, which merely shunts the problem down stream.