LETTER: Shoddy recycling service for tax payers

Bags of rubbish continue to build up around Calderdale
Bags of rubbish continue to build up around Calderdale

I felt compelled to email you after reading the piece in this weeks paper about Calderdale council/Suez dealing with the backlog of rubbish and all I can say is what I’ve read from the council is utter rubbish! (Pardon the pun)

I’ve been onto the council about our own bins for the last fortnight, all they can tell me is Suez are working on clearing the backlog, there is no timescale to this and nor can they tell me when Suez are likely to attend, I’ve asked the council what they would like to do with my rubbish to stop the foxes and crows going into my bags and I was told store the bags safely till Suez get there, I’m sorry but isn’t that what my now overflowing bins are for? I have attached two pics of the current situation, the first pic shows black bin bags of builders material that have been fly tipped in a local nature reserve near to my home and the clear bags are from volunteers who come and pick up the rubbish that gets left in the woods, these bags have been sat here for a week waiting to be collected by Suez. The builders stuff has been here for two weeks. This situation is absolutely appalling right across Halifax, all the online chat advisors can say is sorry! Well sorry just doesn’t cut it when there are people out there who pay their council tax and are left with this shoddy service which one would presume was given to Suez as they were cheap and what a cheap service we are being offered.

Sharon Bell