Letter: Station plan is great but who’s funding it?

How Halifax station will look after the work
How Halifax station will look after the work

Hadrag says that the new plans for Halifax station must be ‘future proof’. Well if it exceeds 20-30 years, Calderdale Council will consider it’s had its day and either let it fall into disrepair or pull it down.

That said, the new station looks brilliant and the commuters deserve new and more comfortable facilities (hopefully clean and smart toilets), seating and a room for when it’s chilly. A couple of shops, one for a snack, breakfast and a nice drink to wash it down with, would be nice. A newspaper shop selling, books, sweets and ciggies etc.

A very regular bus service to take the commuters and visitors up and down Horton Street should they wish to go – I think maybe San Francisco-type trolley buses maybe a tad too far!

Decent car parks, not just for the station but around and close to the town. Multi-storey on the car park at the top of Horton Street and a couple of multi-storey opposite the drill hall. Both sites already have car parks. We need a few if the public are to be enticed to our town.

However for now the commuters must have and need new and comfortable trains which they can go to work in and feel fresh when they arrive at their destination. This will be even better when they leave a well-facilitated, new station and surrounds.

I also noted the plans for the new leisure centre. It looks good, provided it is not finished like Brighouse as the wood around the outside looks shabby.

Hope they get an Olympic-size pool this time, not one like the last one which fell short of the required length! If Olympic size is the case, perhaps it could be used for training future champions as well as local enjoyment.

I think both these plans are superb for everyone. I just wonder where the money is coming for these and who will pay?