Letter: Stop wasting money on 20mph zones and keep free parking

20mph zone sign
20mph zone sign

As a council wishing to save money, I cannot believe the amount that is wasted through this scheme.

From supposedly a few 20mph zones this has gone way over the top and should be binned.

30 mph signs were already in place and should have stayed that way. Motorists are supposed to keep their eyes on their speed, so how on earth can that be safe as they will not concentrate on the roads as much as they should?

It is high time that tax payers’ money wasn’t wasted on projects such as these and by binning it that will save a lot of money that can be put to better use.

On top of this they are now reporting that the council wishes to put up parking charges to make up their shortfall. That worked last time, didn’t it? Because people decided they weren’t going to pay and boycotted it. Do they really want to give businesses a kick in the teeth when they are only getting back on their feet after the floods?

Two solutions: Ditch the 20 mph limits and save money. Keep the car parking charges and free parking as it is because they won’t make more money in the long run as people just won’t come to the area.

It is high time that a line was drawn under wasting money and put to better use.