Letter: Time to close the pay gap

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I am writing to ask for your help with making the pay gap between men and women in the UK non-existent.

I am a Year nine student (14 years old) at the Crossley Heath Grammar school in Halifax and we are doing an active citizenship project. Our topic is women’s rights and my group and I believe very strongly in the pay gap being equal.

I think it is a problem that needs raising in Parliament and a new law should be put forward to reinforce the gender pay gap so men and women have equal salaries. Despite the Equal Pay Act 45 years ago, women still earn less than men in Britain today.

The difference in pay between men and women remains the clearest and most dramatic example of inequality for women. On average women get 25 per cent less than men in the UK. This is not fair. Would men like it if they had to pay 25 per cent more than women for goods?

We have been doing this project for a number of weeks and I have been successful after weeks of persistence at getting a meeting with the local MP Craig Whittaker.

We also started a petition which has now exceeded 100 signatures, which us all in the group are very proud of, as this was our goal. We have also done many other things like make business cards promoting the problem, put posters up and make social media accounts about the issue.

Personally for me when we started this topic I was shocked that on average women get paid 25 per cent less. This is because we have laws in place which make it illegal and they should be enforced because it is not fair.