Letter: Traffic - act now before it’s too late

Traffic problems on Rochdale Road, Ripponden.
Traffic problems on Rochdale Road, Ripponden.

I have just read about the parking problems in Ripponden. The council was going to do something about this two years ago.

Plans were in force to put double yellow lines on the Oldham Road but because of complaints by local businesses i.e. restaurants they withdrew the plans.

I cannot believe that Geraldine Carter has said that when the motorway is closed the HGVs use Ripponden as a short cut.

When the traffic is sent off the motorway at junction 22, all the traffic including HGVs has no option but to come through Ripponden (this happens on a regular basis).

Instead of Geraldine blaming the traffic which is beyond her control, could she at least try to get something done about the double parking outside the restaurants?

Even when the motorway traffic is not diverted the double parking and parking at bus stops causes havoc.

I spoke to the local traffic warden about the parking at the bus stop. He stated that he could not ticket them because the bus stop does not have a yellow box.

I then visited Ripponden council office about the problems. Their reply was that lots of people have complained but it is beyond their control.

Geraldine Carter has just been re-elected so is this also beyond her control or is this something she may be able to sort out?

One day soon when the motorway is closed and HGVs are trying to navigate through the double parked cars an ambulance or fire engine will be delayed at possible cost to human life.

Someone needs to sort this before it’s too late.

Could the council perhaps show more interest towards the people who live in this village and not just the centre of the village local businesses?

Keith Swift

By email