Letter: UK already has the best deal

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In the Courier of January 27, Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker praises Theresa May’s recent speech.

In this she said she will get “the best possible deal for the UK” when parting from the EU. Mr Whittaker no doubt knows that this will be impossible - as Britain already has the best possible deal in membership of the world’s foremost ‘free trade club’. Brexit has to mean losing at least some of those benefits and - judging by the government’s hard line - probably quite a lot of them. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

Theresa May also promised a Britain that is “open for business” - ie, trying to replace trade lost on leaving the EU with free trade deals with all comers - well, as long as they’re not European...

There are no easy answers now – and brave smiles from politicians only give the lie to the serious stumbling blocks strewn along the road ahead.

Paul Cairns, Westborough Drive, Halifax