Letter: Unjust for CQC to have final say

Pellon Lane Nursing and Residential Care Centre, Halifax.
Pellon Lane Nursing and Residential Care Centre, Halifax.

This is a response in relation to your recent article about Pellon Care Centre.

As family of a resident, we are fully supportive of Four Seasons Health Care, and Pellon Care Centre, and are active members of the Pellon Care Centre Family Forum.

We were informed of the recent inspection results prior to your article, and wrote to the CQC regarding their assigned results for each category. We have sent a letter to the CQC. Several other resident family members also contacted the CQC to voice their own concerns. It comes as no surprise to us that we all received virtually the same bog standard, patronising reply almost word for word, effectively dismissing our views and opinions.

It gives us the impression that the CQC may have a hidden agenda, targeting the elderly from yet another angle, by downgrading residences like Pellon Care Centre, and closing them down. The pay grades for QCQ inspectors make interesting reading. It appears that this is yet another government department with exorbitant salaries!

The staff at Pellon Manor held an ‘Elegant Garden Party’ on Friday, which had been planned months in advance. This was a fabulous event for all the residents and their families, with entertainment, fabulous food, and was a fine example of the lengths the staff go to for the benefit of all the residents.

There appear to be numerous comments on the Halifax Courier Facebook page regarding your article. Evidently people have the freedom of choice to voice their own opinions, but how many of them have actually any recent dealing with Pellon Care Centre?

As we all want the best for our loved ones living in a care environment, it seems totally unjust that the CQC can have the final say on their welfare and happiness without taking into consideration their families’ opinions.