Letter: We want to breathe clean air

Reader letter
Reader letter

I am surprised that no mention has been made in the Courier of the impact of exhaust emissions from diesel cars.

It is estimated that 40,000 premature deaths in the UK are caused by these emissions.

Also, evidence is building that children and people with lung problems are suffering.

With the steep-sided valleys and the number of diesel vehicles, I suspect that residents of Calderdale will be having their health damaged.

The Conservative Government has spent over £300,000 of tax payers’ money defending its incompetence in court and lost.

VW have been found guilty of cooking the emission testing and were heavily fined in the USA but got away with it in the UK.

In Calderdale, it is difficult to find out whether pollution levels breach World Health Organisation limits.

However, given the serious nature of the problem, I think that Calderdale MBC should enlighten us, although they are unable to take any action.

I would have thought that people, irrespective of their political position, would want to breathe clean air.

However, only the Green Party appears to care.

They did organise an open meeting at Hipperholme a few months ago.