Letter: What can we do to stop the rot?

Elland town centre
Elland town centre

I HAVE two concerns:

1) the sighting of Elland’s new station. I agree with Councillor M Greenwood, the station should be built at Greetland Junction for the same reasons as Councillor Greenwood points out.

2) I have grave concerns for Elland town itself; “Is Elland a dying town?”

I have lived in Elland for many years and have seen many changes: some good, some bad. Over several years pubs have closed, shops have closed, re-opened for some months and closed again.

In a few months we will not have a bank in Elland, only the Post Office and for how much longer we will have this facility, who knows!

Now I have noticed over several weeks our Friday market is reduced to two stalls and a mobile fishmonger’s van.

I love living in Elland and love its mix of faiths, races and community spirit. This is a town I feel safe in and though the town has had its ups and downs, everybody gets on with everybody else. I use as many of the local shops and pubs as I possibly can to help our community.

I have a small business and work from home but do a lot of travelling during the week and I find Elland is not on its own.How do we stop this rot?