Letter: Who is school relocation best for?

Northgate House
Northgate House

Last week, we received a letter from the head teacher of Rastrick High School proposing a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity for the school to relocate its sixth form provision to Halifax.

The letter goes on to state the college ‘will be situated’ in the former Central Library building.

You can imagine my concern when it transpires that the proposed library site is one of four sites being considered, in contrast to the seemingly confirmed site that the letter proposes. In addition to this, the proposal has not been confirmed by either Calderdale cabinet or full council.

How can we be sold an apparent ‘dream’ by the appointed head teacher when this is merely a proposal with no scrutiny or confirmation from our elected councillors? Additionally, who is this proposal a dream for - Rastrick parents who take their children to school, Rastrick pupils who will have to travel on our already failing infrastructure, or Halifax?

I ask for further clarification from the school governors into this matter.