Letter: Why different rules for bridges?

Elland Bridge opens.
Elland Bridge opens.

I was at the opening of Elland Bridge and spoke to one of the contractors who explained the complexities of rebuilding the bridge.

He said that the main challenges were laying new foundations as the flood had scoured out nearly four metres of the old foundations, ensuring that all the services across the bridge were catered for and making sure that the final bridge specification complied with the strict conditions of returning the bridge to its Grade II status.

This reminded me that it was a pity that Mearclough Bridge in Sowerby Bridge had not been subject to such stringent conditions to return the bridge to its Grade II status.

Instead it had been defaced and disfigured with great lumps of white concrete.

A more sympathetic approach would have been easy and cheaper to limit access to the bridge to 2m wide vehicles.

Small Yorkshire stone pillars would have done the trick.

One rule for one and one rule for another.

John Swallow, Godly Close, Rishworth