Letter: Why no invite to bridge opening?

Elland Bridge officially opened last Wednesday
Elland Bridge officially opened last Wednesday

The boundary of my Ward is in very close proximity to Elland Bridge and the effects of the closure have had a major impact on many residents in Greetland and Stainland, as they have for Elland people and many from other areas too.

It also had the added effect of exacerbating the already severe traffic congestion in West Vale thus causing additional frustration to local people.

Therefore, the re-opening of the bridge was regarded as a monumental event by many of us.

However, I only learned by accident at 11 am this morning that the bridge was to re-open at lunchtime today.

I arrived armed with my camera at 11.30am to be told that it was “all over” and had been opened by a bus-load of dignitaries at 11 am.

Many of us were on hand as volunteers following the Boxing Day Floods of 2015 and this event today brings some closure to the disaster.

I was born and raised in Elland within a few hundred yards of the bridge and I would have felt proud to have attended.

Why were we not informed?

I hear that even Elland Ward Councillors were not invited?

Coun Marilyn Greenwood, Greetland and Stainland