Letters: In defence of the Christian faith

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Further to the letter from Matthew J Eccles (The Church is irrelevant to most of us, Your Say, January 22), I would like to add a few thoughts for today.

As a boring Christian, I liked Mr Eccles’ word “theobabble” describing, I presume, Christian belief generally and Anglican belief in particular.

As a Seventh day Adventist, I cannot agree with all of my Anglican friends’ beliefs but, however we see it, the Anglican Church has given this country lots to be thankful for when they have abandoned the theobabble and seriously tried to follow the teachings and practice of Jesus.

For a start, it was the Anglican Church which started lots of schools to teach children the basics of life, including the Christian Faith. This fact does not fit in with my atheist and pagan friends and politically correct bungling governments’ ideas who would like to remove all reference to the faith in schools set up by the Anglican and other churches, including my own, who are trying to keep the government’s grubby fingers out.

To go to another useful institution set up largely by the Anglican Church, namely the hospitals started in obedience to Jesus’s command to heal the sick, our local example being the Minster that set up what has become Calderdale Royal Hospital. I’m sure readers can work out why the street to the west of the Minster is called Dispensary Walk!

It seems significant that in some hospitals, Gideon’s Bibles are being removed ‘so as not to cause offence’.

It is easy to ridicule the Christian faith, forgetting all the freedoms which we now enjoy and which is generally appreciated by people including intelligent atheists.

Christians of all persuasions have been used to the faith being ridiculed over 2,000 years, but it has survived despite.

After all, what a ridiculous idea it is - peace on earth and goodwill to all people, that is the faith.

I know I would rather live in such a world rather than the dog eat dog world we have created for ourselves !

Graham Rigby

Jubilee Road, Siddal