Letters: Let project take elderly into account

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The new bus station project has been under proposal for at least five years.

Now it is finally getting to the discussion stage. I think it will be a good thing for Halifax, particularly if the bus station proposed is similar to Huddersfield and has closed doors to be opened on the bus arrival.

The current bus station is very draughty in windy weather and therefore the elderly and infirm will be particularly vulnerable to these conditions, a factor clearly not taken into account by the architect. Hopefully this will be considered at the new site, providing everything from the design to the building stages are not done on the cheap.

Let’s see what transpires, although in all fairness, Calderdale Council are noted for their sensitive approach to those with special needs. Especially if someone else is paying for the privilege.

So come on Calderdale, do something that gives you a good report for a change.

Donald Turner

Lower Bentley Royd,

Sowerby Bridge