Letters: Message of the Gospel is still needed

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Matthew Eccles makes some valuable points. As a gay Catholic I found there was plenty in his letter with which to agree and even more with which to empathise.

Leaving aside the issue of an established church I do think, however, that he is in danger of throwing out the Christian baby with the Establishment bathwater.

In a world where, for example, corporate exploitation, inhospitality to refugees and individualism are not uncommon, and where many of the strong and the rich (nations, companies and individuals) are more intent on defending their own privileged position than in extending an arm to the weak and the vulnerable, the message of the Gospel needs to be heard now as much as ever.

Love your neighbour, feed the hungry, visit the sick, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger, forgive others, show mercy.

Nick Burchnall

Kell Butts, Wainstalls