LETTERS: Some grave concerns

Cemetary of Mount Zion Methodist Heritage Chapel, Ogden.
Cemetary of Mount Zion Methodist Heritage Chapel, Ogden.

My daughter and I recently spent a very happy weekend in my dear “native” Yorkshire, enjoying a wonderful wedding in the Dales and visiting old friends and relatives and admiring favourite views in and around Halifax.

One of the things we did was to endeavour to visit my parent’s grave in the cemetery at Mount Zion Chapel, Ogden. I know the number of the grave so we thought it would be an easy task. However because the graveyard is so seriously overgrown with waist-high grass and beautiful heather spreading over most of the graves it proved to be very difficult. We spent a long time searching but we were not successful. As my father was decorated in the First World War with DCM and MM, serving with the West Yorkshires, I was especially intent this year on tidying his and my mother’s headstone and grave. Whilst searching I brought my umbrella into use by leaning forward to try and push the high grass away (unsuccessfully) from one of the headstones. Unfortunately this was an old, deep, empty (but was there a body and coffin under me?) grave into which I fell headlong.
My daughter was horrified to find her mother with feet and arms sticking up from the grave (but uninjured) and had to drag me out – this was not the way we intended for me to be measured up for my final resting place – even though I am 85!
I write this letter (after much hilarity in the family I must add) just to warn others to be aware that there may be emptiness under the overgrown heather and grass so do be careful where you step.

Mrs Joyce Harrison (nee Thompson)