Lib Dems emerging as ‘enemy within’

Shaw Street

Holywell Green

One can understand Lib Dem Councillor Nader Fekri’s obsession with wanting the AV because like all Lib Dems that is the only way they have of obtaining a seat in the coalition Cabinet.

If David Cameron has any backbone at all (although I strongly doubt it) he should surely now get rid of his business secretary and loose cannon, former Glasgow Labour councillor, Vince Cable.

At last May’s General Election, the Lib Dems portrayed themselves as responsible allies of the Tory party and now they are emerging as the enemy within. Their left wing self-indulgence reminds one more of students desperate to rebel against authority.

They rebel any motion again the Human Rights act and their Euro fanaticism makes it a constant struggle for the Tories in Government to bring back power from Brussels.

Let us not forget that last year, Cable boasted to undercover reporters of his power to bring this coalition government down.

David Cameron’s speech on immigration was one of the most sensible speeches he has made in recent days. But Cable’s attack once again just goes to prove where his priorities lie. The AV should never have been sanctioned to the dithering Lib Dems and the term Liberal Democrat is a gross misnomer as there is nothing Liberal or Democrat about their support to this coalition.

Gordon Brown branded Gillian Duffy a bigot for expressing her concern about immigration but Cable is now indulging in the same kind of left wing propaganda and the sooner he is dispatched to history like most of his colleagues on May 5 the better.

Local councillors like Nader Fekri can consider themselves fortunate that local people indulge their indiscretions at the taxpayers’ expense.

Donald Leach