Lib-Dems track record speaks for itself

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Fairway Grove


It’s not really surprising, given the level of doctrinaire obstinacy and political ineptitude, that Lib Dems up and down the country have been calling for Nick Clegg’s removal as leader.

In response Mr Clegg offered an olive branch to his disillusioned membership yesterday; he vowed to veto the government’s planned NHS reforms unless the camouflaged privatisation package put forward by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is improved.

Someone perhaps ought to remind Mr Clegg that his party had already taken that position prior to the election pushing the Tories into calling a temporary halt to Mr Lansley’s excesses.

They might also point out to him that such a position didn’t make a blind bit of difference then and therefore it’s unlikely to now because, let’s face it, no one believes a word Mr Clegg says. The Lib Dem track record speaks for itself; on education they collapsed entirely in the face of Tory obduracy, leading to the disastrous loss of the EMA and the virtually across-the-board rise in fees to £9,000 a year.

Max Hey